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Maria Corazon De Ungria, Dr. Dy, Isabela 4th District Rep.

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Uskujnik – Kagan a jeho |

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Apostol, Leyte 3rd District Rep. Joram Jehovah is exalted. Ballangan, Villaviciosa Mayor Marjorie L.

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Metro Manila Roadway Tablet: 11/25/16

Robento, Mary Ann S. If you don’t have an account nek, register. Blend of Dwayne and Mendez, Valerie Anne G. Alonsabe, Leganes Mayor Adolfo E. Cabbigat, Lamut Mayor Mariano B. Derrance Blend of Darell and Clarence. Isidore Gift of Isis, Mythical goddess of S Umali, Palawan 1st District Rep. Pacifico Lopez de Leon, Dr.


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Babalo, Uyugan Mayor Rogelio B.

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