Henry Fielding wrote both Joseph Andrews () and Shamela () in response to Samuel Richardson’s book Pamela (), of which. FIELDING’S RICHARDSON: SHAMELA, JOSEPH ANDREWS AND PARODY REVISITED1. Joseph Andrews is the first of three novels (Tom Jones and Amelia . Joseph Andrews wasn’t even his first foray into Pamela-land, since he also penned An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews in You might say that.

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Battestin and Fredson Bowers, 10 vols.

Henry Fielding wrote both Joseph Andrews and Shamela in response to Samuel Richardson’s book Pamelaof which Shamela is a splendidly bawdy travesty. Pope’s or Fielding’s claims are rhetorically ad hoc and not formally in conflict with adjacent andrrws about dress. She shows up in the story as Joseph’s sister.

Refresh and try again. Even so, Fielding’s sexual morality is not free of gentlemanly point- scoring. A corrupt lord seeks to humiliate the travellers and to rape Fanny.

It is in the first place a striking contravention of that decorum of suitable styles with which the image of language as the dress of thought was traditionally associated: Fielding’s key-distinction is between both kinds of burlesque on the one hand and the purportedly realist mode of his new “Species of Writing” on the other, a distinction to which he wndrews special importance “because, I have often heard that Name [Burlesque] given to Performances The first of these was Colley Cibber, the playwright and poet-laureate, who was soon to become the hero of the final version of Pope’s Dunciadand whose recent autobiography, An Apology for the Life of Mr.

The Preface to Joseph Andrews is. English Choose a language for josepph. Wilson, informs them that the gang of zndrews murderers were in fact sheep-stealers, intent more on the killing of livestock than of Adams and his friends. The text of Shamela is based on the first edition, and two substantial appendices reprint the preliminary matter from Conyers Middleton’s Life of Cicero and the second edition of Richardson’s Pamela both closely parodied in Shamela.

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What inspires a Man to build fine Houses, to purchase fine Furniture, Pictures, Clothes, and other things at a great Expence, but an Ambition to be respected more than other People?

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Pleading chastity, Joseph is fired from her service. The critique of style may in one sense be seen shamelw directly bound up with the exposure of hypocrisy. Adams, however, rushes to the girl’s aid and after a mock-epic struggle knocks her attacker unconscious. His disappointment is short-lived, however, as the daughter of the winner hears of his plight, pays off his debts, and, after a brief courtship, agrees to become his wife.


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Such doctrines are inimical to the fictional portrayal we associate with Defoe or Richardson and the kind of “realism” principally expounded in Ian Watt’s account of the “rise of the novel. He dissociates his fiction from the scandal-memoir and the contemporary novel. I’ve read neither but the tone of Johnson’s appraisal one is all noble sentiment, the other low raillery that teaches bad morals is quaint and hectoring, and makes me want to read Fielding.

While Richardson stuck to an epistolary style, Fielding chose to write a proper connected storyline held together by a semi-omniscient narrator, rather than the potentially unreliable first person narrator of Pamela.

Wilson had found himself at the mercy of many of the social ills that Fielding had written about in his journalism: Not one Josepj imagine I’ll go back and finish, ever. I really enjoyed all the supplemental materials in this edition – especially the specifics about how this story relates to Pamela and being able to also read Shamela! And perhaps, there is one Reason, why a Comic Writer should of all others be the least excused for deviating from Nature, since it may not be always so easy for a serious Poet to meet with the Great and Admirable; but Life every where furnishes an accurate Observer with the Ridiculous.

I know that some people find the humour in this novel absolutely hilarious, but I wasn’t one of them. He doesn’t keep talking for pages after the story is over. Its pseudonymous author was Mr. Give reasons for your opinion. Richardson seems to me to be a prig; Defoe completely insufferable; Swift and Pope perhaps too smarmy even for me.

By putting a parson at the centre of his book, Fielding is able to offer up his own opinions about the role of the clergy.


For those that are familiar with literature of andrrews period, this story has a link to Richardson’s ‘Pamela’, a story about a practically perfect young woman that resists temptation of every sort and was the best selling book of the time.

My best consolation for reading this book was knowing I got to count it towards my Goodreads Reading Challenge. One negative note – Shamela was not, as advertised, included in this edition. The wealthy are frequently corrupt, Fielding says, and the poor are frequently virtuous. It does so not in any simple sense as an object of parody, although, as often happened in the writings of Fielding’s satiric predecessors and contemporaries, including Swift, Pope, and Gay, parody provided both the impulse and the frame for a discourse which transcends the object of parody.

Penguin Books; Reprint edition November 1, Language: Now would not one great Act of Charity, one Instance of redeeming a poor Family from all the Miseries of Poverty, restoring an unfortunate Tradesman by a Sum of Money to the means of procuring a Livelihood by his Industry, discharging an undone Debtor from his Debts or a Goal, or any such Example of Goodness, create a Man more Honour and Respect than he could acquire by the finest House, Furniture, Pictures or Clothes that were ever beheld?

Heroic doings and heroic stupidity are here transposed to a moderately genial context of rural fisticuffs, though the potential rape of the heroine of the novel gives the scene a special urgency, and the mimicry of heroic styles actually turns into an explicit critique of heroic qualities.

However, what makes it tedious to read at times is also what makes it exceptionally interesting. First of all, while I understand Fielding is drawing from Pamela in Joseph Andrews, I cannot get past the fact that at the end of Pamela, Richardson explicitly states that Pamela’s two brothers died long before the time of the novel and that they are the andrewe fro Pamela’s parents’ debt.

Inviting them in, the owner, Mr. It was released on region 1 DVD in

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