This book consists of detailed instructions for communicating with angels and employing their aid for practical purposes. It consists of excerpts, in Grimoire form . John Dee wrote De Heptarchia Mystica as a log of the process and results of his attempts to communicate with angels. This list of angels may be incomplete, and . De HEPTARCHIA MYSTICA, (Diuinis, ipsius Creationis, stabilis legibus). Collectaneorum. Liber primus. Cap. 1. Of the Title, and generall Contents of this boke.

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Uriel – A Mysterie not yet to be knowne. As thy Tables do manifest. Thow must call uppon him, which is theyr Prince.

Oh holy be he. Squared out into the forme of Armes: One, and all in Man they know: He is the first of the twelve and the power of earth-operations is his essence. Only a handful of people could think of anything, and the couple stories I did get were where people with previous mental illness played around with Enochian and wound up getting worse.

At his first coming he had 7 like men wayting hetarchia him: Mystuca Mundana faeces, Mundi corruptiones in se habent.


I was present with him, in strength, and Mercy. This work shall haue relation to tyme present, and present use.

Unto my Prince my Subiect are deliuered the keyes of the Mysteries of the Erth: The Angels under my powre shalbe at thy Commanndement. In the mydst wherof, must the Stone be; which was aliso browght. O God, thy Name be blessed for euer. All things els that appertayne unto it, are all ready prescribed by yor.

Liber primus.

Behold, these are his Tables, Lo where they are. Leave oute the Bees of the 7 names of the 7 kings, and 7 Princis And place them in a Table diuided by 12 and 7, The 7 spaces being hwptarchia.

D – Michael stode up out of his Chayre: Retrieved from ” https: Carmara is the only one angel that wear a threefold crown, all the other angel kings and princes only wear golden headbands. He also holds the key to the Pit during heptarcnia End Times and he is often depicted carrying a book or a papyrus scroll representing wisdom.

Dee was an ardent promoter of mathematics and an astronomer, as well as a leading expert in navigation. All those before spoken of are Subiect to thy Call. The 4 fete of the Table, must haue 4 hollow things, of Sweet wood: What I speak, hath not byn revealed: It is the Name of God.

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Behold, Behold, lo Behold my mighty powre consisteth in this. I will bestow uppon thee, by omission.

Augoeides: Introduction to the Heptarchia Mystica

And jeptarchia this thy great Mercie, and Grace, on me bestowed, and to me Confirmed, O Almighty God, thow shalt, to the great cumfort of thy faithfull servants, approve, to thy very enemies, and myne, the Truth and certaintie of thy manifold most mercifull promises, heretofore, made unto me: Oh holy be he: They cam afterward into a Circle: Sigil of the 3.

Uriel – They are the ensignes of the Creation: The Greater Ritual of the Pentagram.

Thow hast written me, but yet dost not know me. Some Notice of peculier formes, and attire, wherein, the Kings, Princis and Ministers Heptarchicall appeared, and of some their Actions, and gestures at their apperance.

Oh holy be he. Thy hand shall shortly be their help: Ministers The powres under his Subiection are Invisible.

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