Concrete Hell has 37 ratings and 5 reviews. Maria said: DiMarco uses Stalingrad, Aachen, Hue City, Northern Ireland and Ramadi. Each chapter focuses on t. In Concrete Hell Louis DiMarco has provided a masterful study of the brutal realities of urban warfare, of what it means to seize and hold a city literally block by. An In-Depth Review of “Concrete Hell: Urban Warfare from Stalingrad to Iraq”. Sun Tzu, the great philosopher of war, was not a fan of urban.

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Trivia About Concrete Hell: Having them constantly screened and protected by infantry. Instead of being a refuge for guerrilla fighters and terrorists soldiers are more xtalingrad than not to triumph.

Concrete Hell – Urban warfare from Stalingrad to Iraq / Historical Association

Perfect book to read in a tank. His thesis is that cities are expanding, with a higher proportion of populations living in them, and are the likely centres of conflict for the remainder of the 21 st century. Such a study could not be more timely. Essentially it comes down to morale and logistics. Hardcoverpages. Additionally, urban warfare also occurs when there are important enemy forces stationed in cites, such as the F.

Unfortunately two were shot down and this led to a significant firefight in the city, a political fiasco for the American government, and ultimately the withdrawal of American forces from the U. Limited the exposure of tanks on main streets. Want to Read saving…. Certainly there are few books analyzing a particular form of warfare that accomplish all of this.

And lose the wishy-washy government-speak. However, another key consideration which led to the American victory was that the combination of coalition progress in neutralizing AQI, as well as them protecting the Iraqi people and giving them a stake in the conflict, along with the increasingly atrocious conduct of AQI who killed and mutilated anyone who stood in their way convinced most of the Sunni insurgent groups in Ramadi to change their allegiance to the Americans and the government in Baghdad instead of backing AQI.

Secondly, sieges, given that they rely on starvation as a strategy, inevitable lead to humanitarian crises and this is also politically unacceptable to the American public. Didn’t learned much about Urban warfare tactics, but diverse historical situations were interesting to learn. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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The former force used infantry, armor, engineers and snipers as a team.

Additionally, the Israelis secured the major towns warfade the West Bank with a significantly higher population with less than 30, soldiers. We live in an increasingly urbanizing world, a military unprepared for urban operations is unprepared for tomorrow. For just as there are no lack of examples of the fall of major cities ending wars there are plenty of other examples to suggest that it is not inherently decisive either.

Why I started this book: Why I finished it: Sun Tzu, the great philosopher of war, was not a fan of urban warfare.

Concrete Hell

Ryan Peacock rated it really liked it Sep 18, Throughout history cities have been at the center of warfare, from sieges to street-fighting, from peace-keeping to coups de mains.

Return to Book Page. Skip to content Sun Tzu, the great philosopher of war, was not a fan of urban warfare. Sacha rated it really liked it Dec 15, This explosion has also resulted in a mass influx of people into cites from rural areas. He gets the main ideas right, goes into considerable depth regarding strategy and policy, but does not get bogged down into the smaller details which belong to military manuals. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Yet besides political machinations for the home front there are also political factors regarding the urban battlefield.

Warfare is generally a costly exercise, and once you run out of bullets, food, and equipment you can no longer effectively engage in it. The French also got additional Humint human intelligence from high stress interrogations and torture.

Coming back to the various arms needed in urban warfare engineers are vital for demolition work, as well as disarming IEDs Improvised Explosive Devices. Adam Elkus rated it really liked it Feb 13, After beating off the expected counterattacks by AQI Al-Qaeda in Iraq forces the Americans would build government infrastructure, gain the trust of the Iraqi people, and create opportunities for the Iraqi people to give them a stake in the struggle.

Chris Buckham rated it really liked it Jul 17, While the author always remains detached and objective there is little doubt that such sentiments of frustration towards the home front would find considerable sympathy among soldiers who have engaged in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism. This was partly because their forces were well trained and sufficiently equipped enough to accomplish their objectives without brute force, and partly because as liberal democracies their populaces, as well as international opinion, would not tolerate excessive civilian casualties.


Unsurprisingly these practices generally result in more civilian casualties in urban warfare.

Yet Humint in urban warfare is absolutely necessary and the French army were not wrong to make detailed censuses or even using high stress interrogations providing they followed international law but the extensive use of torture on tens of thousands of Algerians, and the summary executions of thousands more afterwards unequivocally was.

This book is a must read for any military officer, policy adviser, or politician who contemplates waging warfare in the 21st Century. However, the author does mention that there are times when it is possible to take a city relatively quickly. This operation was neither a conventional approach, a counter-insurgency effort, nor designed to permanently neutralize the enemy, but simply to degrade the capabilities of terrorist groups attacking Israel.

An extension of this principle is that the fighting to surround a city, or to cut it off, is often more time consuming, and costly, than the fighting inside the city itself.

The result has been the rise of massive urban ghettos full of inequality, crime, disease and resentment. Arguably though the book sometimes becomes overly descriptive of the actions of platoons, companies and battalions on the ground, especially in the Aachen and Hue chapters, which does little more for the general reader than to illustrate how complex urban warfare can be.

Sully Syed rated it liked it Nov 30, Of course the other alternative to fighting a street by street battle would be to subject a city to siege. Then some cities are captured to facilitate further operations.

Israeli forces in Nablus in for example, lost a single military casualty and caused relatively few civilian casualties at 8 dead. Despite these concretf I thoroughly enjoyed Concrete Hell because it is thought provoking and the case studies are comprehensively described, illustrated and analysed. James Amsler rated it it was amazing Jul 24, I am less comfortable with the inclusion of these studies, particularly Northern Ireland over such a wide time scale.

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