Sean Hance doesn’t want any part of Coop’s plan to win TerrorFest with an ultra- low-budget horror flick until he realizes that the prize money would let him build. [A]ll we ever get out of Coop’s schemes are headaches and heartbreaks,” opines high school sophomore Sean, who gets his turn narrating in. Call the Shots. image. And action! As the uproarious trio returns, sensitive Sean takes the spotlight? scripting a low-low-budget film while fielding unexpected.

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To top it calmae none of them has any money to actually produce a movie. Hardcoverpages. Several of the jokes made me laugh out loud. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I don’t know what else to say.

Call the Shots

Mar 08, Jules Goud rated it really liked it Shelves: Sean is coping with the fact that both Cooper and Matt somehow have girlfriends, while he falame female company. He has just learned that his mother is pregnant, and, as a result, clame will have to share a bedroom with his scary and weird sister, Cathy.

He decides this school year he’s going to get some friends together and make a horror film. Coop is cooking up another sure-misfire scheme big surpriseand this time the comedy plays out from Sean? I picked up Swim the Fly on a whim, loved it; carried on to Beat the Band, which was great; and now Call the Shots, which I think has pulled out all the stops.

Naturally, complications ensue, as Sean inadvertently becomes linked romantically with a possibly psychotic ninth-grader, while trying to nurture a relationship with Leyna, a hot classmate, and fend off advances from Cathy? Maybe for insight into the minds of teenage boys?

Call the Shots by Don Calame | : Books

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Quickie Review- It pains me to give calamme book 3 stars, but looking at it from a logical point of view, hsots was the only sensible rating I could give it.


Until one day Sean the single one, with a evil twin sister, finds out hes going to be a big brother. However, writing the movie is the least of his problems. Of course Coop’s plans backfire big time with a whole lot of laughs.

This is the third book of Don Calame’s Swim the Fly series. I recommend all the Swim the Fly books to my reluctant readers. Who thinks this is a good idea? But he actually is desperate for cash?

There are several plot holes that need tightening neither the swimming of the first book or the music of the second book really appears – where did these interests go? So we’ve established it’s funny. Swim the Fly is still my favorite of the bunch, but it’s nice to finally see Sean’s side of things–Sean is usually the follower of the group and it’s nice to know there’s something inside his head.

You know what my favorite line was in the book? As the uproarious trio returns, sensitive Sean takes the spotlight — scripting a low-low-budget film while fielding unexpected female fans. Will they be able to finish their movie? But when he agrees to write a script about the attack of zombie-vampire humanzees, he has no idea just how powerful a chick magnet this movie will be.

Yet, there was a very real point being made since Cathy thinks Sean’s gay yet, surprise! I finished the book because I really liked the plot and climax. This is no small matter: Feb 09, Joey Reyes rated it it was amazing Shelves: To top it o In the book “Call the Shots” by Don Calame the main character Cooper, also known as Coop, is full of ideas, some great, some not so much.

I was in stitches, laughing out loud many times. This is due to the fact I could relate to the drama and I know how high schoolers act. Jul 26, Nicole Edwards rated it liked it.

If I could write a paragraph about high-school-me, it would look much like that above, which is probably why I often felt so frustrated with him. Literally girls surround Sean but he can’t win with any of them! Matt, Coop, and Sean – I love each and every single one of these characters, and I feel that I myself am part of this amazing trio. He had a hard time standing up for himself when his new girlfriend, Evelyn, finagled her way into the film and dominated his life.


Yeah, Coop’s idea works as well as you’d expect. Not quite as funny but I wish there were more books calamme follow! We are experiencing technical difficulties. Making a cheapo horror movie guaranteed to make Coop, Sean, and Matt filthy rich! When Sean’s mother and father announce their BIG news, that his mother is pregnant and that Sean and his sister Cathy will have to begin sharing a room, Sean looks to his friends for help.

Sean thought it was the end of the world no way he was going to share a room with anyone. Throughout the book her mood swings were calwme violent and uncalled for that I seriously began to consider the possibility that she had bipolar disorder.

Call the Shots – Don Calame

Brothers and sisters and parents and friends and everyone had relationships in which they cared for each other but sometimes got mad or sad or irritated or whatever else and it was so very fon without being boring. This time the guys intend to film a horror movie and become rich. Calame nails the language and thought processes of younger teenaged males.

Sean is pretty reluctant until his life takes a turn for the worst. So maybe it was worth it.

Aug 31, Brandy rated it really liked it Shelves: His parents are din another child, but that’s not the only thing Refresh and try again. He said yes to requests that conflicted with each other and somehow still tried to make things work.

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