AFI 33-103 PDF

Air Force Instruction , Communications and functional terms, in accordance with AFI and Air Force series supply. 12/1/ INFORMATION PROTECTION. Kb. AFI Kb. AFI 7/1/ Requirements Kb. AFMAN 5/1/ ENGINEERING AND. HQ USAF functional managers chair their own functional requirements boards ( AFI , Requirements Development and Processing). They prepare and.

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Directs retention of serviceable excess computer systems for maintenance redundancy or operational spares. Commanders, managers, and individuals must maintain and protect all items assigned to them. The establishment of a MOA addressing responsibilities for support of joint systems, whether managed by an Air Force program office or by another DoD element.


Ensures appropriate action is taken upon receipt of excess equipment requests. Notify applicable ECO of any deployed computer systems.

The government will not incur any cost or liability resulting from the use, misuse, loss, theft, or destruction of privately owned computer systems resources. Notifies applicable maintenance contract office of primary responsibility OPR to remove from maintenance computer systems that 33-03 excess and are not required for reuse locally.

Air Force, and U. Notifies the ECO of the relocation of the equipment. List of hillside letters in Arizona – Wikipedia en.


Has the selected individual received appropriate training? No records are created by this publication. Assists with installing, testing, and accepting the system according to the terms of the aci contract and instructions.

– Side 33 af 101

No information collections are created by this publication. The SA manages the resources of the entire computer system. The NCC or systems manager must make sure management understands contract terms and conditions to best serve the interests of the Air Force. These paragraphs are marked as follows: Support agreements such as interservice or host nation.

This may involve having another SA administer the system through a modem. Immediately notify the organizational commander to appoint an investigating official to begin the ROS process for any loss, damage, or destruction of computer systems.

Determines the service is necessary for direct support of the agency’s mission.

Forms Adopted and Prescribed. Documentation —The formal standardized recording of detailed objectives, policies, and procedures governing conception, authorization, design, testing, implementation, operation, maintenance, modification, and disposition of data administration techniques and applications.

Ship equipment that has completed the screening cycle to DRMO in a timely and economic manner. Contracts applying to managed computer systems.

USAF E-Pubs: Communications and Information

The CSO should evaluate these costs when planning for deployment maintenance. Enter assets when received and update the IPMS to reflect transfer of the assets from the acquiring program office to the Air Force. Shareware —Privately or commercially developed software that is normally distributed free of charge but a fee is generally expected for continued or extended use. Creates electronic excess reports in IPMS for excess equipment items that are not required locally.


Peripheral — Any equipment that provides the computer with additional capabilities distinct from the central processing unit. The function of keeping C4 items of equipment xfi, or restoring them to, serviceable condition. Report excess expendable computer system supplies to base supply.

Contact your wing IP office for guidance before performing or requesting maintenance. Within agi Air Force referred to as Communications and Information systems. Support credit claims with a fully documented AF Form The effective date for leased computer systems is usually the first day of the successful acceptance test.