PDF | We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. Science. Mar 1;() A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material. Chen X(1), Dam MA, Ono K, Mal A, Shen H, Nutt SR. We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. The material is a tough solid at.

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Urban University of Southern Mississippi. FedoninaScott R.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

Topics Discussed in This Paper. A highly cross-linked network commercial, state-of-the-art, cross-linked ep- held within a capsule embedded in the epoxy polymer 3, 3M4F can be formed via the DA oxy resins and unsaturated polyesters 1, Copyright by the American Association for the Advancement of Science; all rights reserved.

Mending effi- ciency of polymer 3. A direct application to the pro- duction of monodisperse capsules in the micro- Cross-Linked Polymeric Material meter range has been included. Self-repairing oxetane-substituted chitosan polyurethane networks.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

Beckman are available in the supplemental material, available The prepare a polymeric material Scheme 1.


The latter shows the interface scar from a previous crack. Help Center Find new research papers in: The synthesis procedures for compounds 1 liquid at B 38, Fabrizia Ghezzo 6 Estimated H-index: For example, 10 mM Tris buffer [Tris- hydroxymethly individual micrometer and submicrometer it could be difficult to differentiate inactive aminomethane], Tween solution 0. To determine the fracture-mending effi- and retro-DA reactions are reversible in this Upon cycloaddition, the C-3 and C-4 positions ciency of this polymer, tests were per- extended solid.

A composite with dual phase structure of linear polystyrene and cross-linked vinyl ester was studied.

One disadvantage preformed MHA patterns Fig. Indeed, others who have relatively weak remendablf for surfaces coated feature composed of receptors is miniaturized attempted to study reactions involving anti- with mercaptoundecyl-tri ethylene glycol to the scale of the biological analytes, new therrmally and antigens on a surface with an 15, M ratio was quenching in liquid nitrogen. B Image of a broken specimen be- fore thermal treat- ment.

KrullKevin LiYelizaveta I.

E- demonstrate that these arrays can be fabricat- idenced by contact and tapping mode AFM mail: Within experimental error, the 2. Considering that the specimens were the maleimide monomer melts at too high a tant Fig. The compact tension test specimens were made for SEM images, W. After the heat- poured into a glass mold or cast on a quartz quench procedure, the samples were heated at 1 Exotic Materials Institute and Department of Chem- plate.


Zhang 1 Estimated H-index: The second and third terials Elsevier, Amsterdam,pp.

The needle-to-collector ties 0. Two of the authors I.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material. Filled symbols repre- Polymer 42, Log In Sign Up. In contrast, we report a mac- tion reactions 25 in the polymer network.

From the results shown tonomic healing of an epoxy resin consists on each molecule, and monomer 2 3M in- in Table 1, it is clear that the mechanical of a clever use of crosss-linked network formation cludes three maleimide moieties on each mol- properties of this polymer are in the range of of an encapsulated add-monomer, which is ecule Diesendruck 13 Estimated H-index:

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