Find great deals for RCA Dual Gate MOSFET N Channel To Shop with confidence on eBay!. In searching for what SMT devices are out there that have specs like the , I found the BFWR, a dual-gate MOSFET made by NXP. Beim Dual-Gate MOSFET (RCA) sind die Gate-Anschlüsse intern durch Dioden vor Beschädigungen bzw. Zerstörungen durch statische Aufladungen.

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What mosret full-blown rant in the previous paragraphs has been building up to is this: These publications were our only window into the world of electronic components. The 1n34a is such a part that does not seem to see much need outside of hobbyist radio circles. But they will be shortly…. Not perfect, but acceptable for a lot of uses.

MOSFET Datasheet pdf – Equivalent. Cross Reference Search

Some FM broadcast band tuners used them, so maybe car radios are a source. You are commenting using your WordPress.

As a mixer with LO input: I personally do not understand why this part did not take off other than it is so dog gone hard to understand how they should work!

I have some VHF receivers that use it. 4073 24, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Even inI went through an RCA price list and found one that was cheaper, I guess it was the 4N, something like that.

  E3F3 D32 PDF

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is rated for a maximum of 20V, so might be a better replacement in circuits that run off of 12V where you don’t want to change the voltage. Which exactly are the parts that have superseded the 74HC? The second gate also made it easy to control the gain when used as an RF amplifier.

40673 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

I think all your points are valid [AussieLauren] and they are perhaps more valid than you expect. That is exactly what I suspected. Big paper-bound books the size of telephone directories were our only window into the exciting world of electronic components. And people wonder why I hoard old analogue TV tuners.

Others would use the same device, because someone had chosen it.

Always wanted to play with a cascode amplifier. I use HC parts as level translators with mixed 3v3 and 5v logic parts because there a good cheap option and do the job well.

RCA Dual Gate MOSFET N Channel 40673 To72

Skyworks do detector diodes that are much better than the old germanium ones. Based on the case diagrams for the BF and the pad spacings, they would work if I scrape off the middle pads, creating a 4-pad carrier out of each of them.


There are markets where product life expectancy and maintainability are more of concern and this introduces some other dynamics. It completely fails at about 70MHz. If HC does your job then of course, use it. I encourage everybody to design with that part so it will misfet continue to be made! Learn how your comment data is processed.

Dual Gate MOSFET: specs and/or equivs | Electronics Forums

4067 You are commenting using your Facebook account. These were balanced mixers, the extra transistors irrelevant because it was in an IC. Detector diodes have modern replacements, but power germaniums do not, and I have searched hard!

I bought a few last-buys. W6EM on October 25, My understanding is that they have a reasonably good NF and they allow you to build a combination mixer-amplifier in a single device.

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