Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about INTERLUX InterProtect® E Barrier Coat System at the official West Marine online store. Since , West. Buy Interlux YEKIT/QT Gray Interprotect E Epoxy Primer Kit, fluid_ounces: Automotive – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible . InterProtect E is a two-part self priming epoxy designed to protect fiberglass boat hulls from water absorption and reduce the likelihood of gelcoat blisters.

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Calculate surface area as follows: Or do you need to use both for intedprotect reasons? I still have two. Coating over epiglass on my blistered sailboat hull. It’s a huge amount of labor and prep, so the money saved by too little primer is not justified if you have to barrier coat it more than once.

The item was added to your shop cart. Interlux N Reducing Solvent.

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You should not have any compatibility issues with E over Intif the surface is cleaned properly and lightly sanded for a good mechanical bond. It is also an excellent primer for all metals. Work with small amounts and inferprotect sure to get is rolled on evenly. Hi Frank, yes you can apply Brightside over InterProtect.

Interlux Perfection Two Part Polyurethane. But doing gel coat will be tough if you dont have lots of experience and good spray equipment.

I found this to go on easy.

Sent from my iPad. I sanded it slick to attain better fuel mileage, but it didn’t help the economy, so I would inter;rotect applying it and letting it dry. Used a 6″ foam roller to apply, but had to change out the roller regularly, to keep it from gumming up or falling apart.

Hi Rick, without the beam of the boat I can truly not intfrprotect an accurate number. Troy Yes, use a good fairing compound, then a thinned Interprotect as a barrier coat, usually I use two thin coats, tint first one. Saxe Point Yes. I did 6 coats on the bottom of my interprotec Marshall catboat and I used abouta gallon and three quarters of the second gallon.


Bigpineboy Big Pine Key, Fl I had hundreds of small osmosis holes in a 30yo 8 metre fibre glass yacht hull.

Bought two colors so I could see the different coats. Apply the products maybe a month or two before you splash the boat. Interprotectt anti-fouling paint needs to be applied to the last coat of InterProtect E within about three hrs or so I don’t remember the exact time for the first coat of anti-fouling to bond with the IP.

Be sure to roll it on thick and to get good coverage. Interlux’s Micro-Plate formula creates an ijterprotect barrier against water permeation.

Covers well, a little more than I expected. My boat will be on the hard for another year or two, just wondering if I should wait until right intfrprotect splash time to do the bottom coatings.

Osmosis is caused by a chemical reaction between water and unreacted substances remaining in the manufactured hull.

Interlux InterProtect Barrier Coat Epoxy Primer | E E

Sent from Mail for Windows Can be over coated with a compatible anti-fouling paint or finish epoxy paint. It adheres to everything wegeman07 I would stick with same brand not a good idea to mix manufacturers and make sure you check with the manufacturerGary J. I had hundreds of small osmosis holes in a interprotecr 8 metre fibre glass yacht hull. Is this a good combo? InterProtect E is a two-part self priming epoxy designed to protect interprotecy boat hulls from water absorption and reduce the likelihood of gelcoat blisters.

More coats is better.

Now working on iron hull, starting in at two inches at bottom with rust. Didn’t need to do that, it drys flat and you can see the overcoats easily. I then sanded with grit the next morning and applied the finish paint. No need to add gelcoat again oncebarrier coat is inplace. But acetone cleaned up other stuff well, probably could have saved a few brushes.


For the spreaders, I agree with you. I would probably opt to do the Interprotect Barrier coat now and allow the UV degradation. I would reccomend against adding gelcoat ontop of the barrier coat, aspolyester doen’t adhear to the epoxy. I am thinking Interlux E followed by Interlux perfection. Jamestown Distributors Remember, you don’t want to be sparing with the epoxy barrier. Once the gelcoat is breached in this manner, the underlying laminate is capable of absorbing water like a sponge. Fish If you are priming below the waterline, use the E, that may be used above and below the waterline as a universal primer for all surfaces.

Yuu should be fine with X layers ofbarrier coat followed by an antifouling. Bearkeley You cannot apply over a single part paint or a bottom paint, it must be removed first. It is also an excellent primer for all metals and can be used as part of a no sand system. This product will work out great, we have a lot of customers that use this product for this purpose. It works well both ways, but if you have the option I would spray it, especially if you are doing large areas. It depends on whether you are spraying or rolling it, whether you will be fairing and putting a fine finish on it or just leaving it as applied.

Pete pspellinen Hi Rick,A complex answer to a simple question.