John Ciardi ‘s translation of the magnificent story of a man’s way through the infinite torment of hell in his search for paradise. Inferno is a moving human drama. The Paperback of the The Inferno (John Ciardi Translation) by Dante Alighieri at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Praise. β€œIt is Mr. Ciardi’s great merit to be one of the first American translators to have reproduced [The Inferno] successfully in English. A text with the clarity and .

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This was the beginning of Dante’s long exile from Florence. Dante replies that he comes this way only with the aid of powers Guido has not sought.

But you, who are you, so fallen and so foul? Inferno; Purgatorio; Paradiso Everyman’s Library.

The inferno

There Minos sits, grinning, grotesque, and hale. I wish to thank also Professor C. And tell that other one, who thought to walk so blithely through death’s kingdom, Canto VUI 63 he may go back along the same fool’s way he came by.

Because of his living weight. Leave a Reply Name required Email required Message. Canto VIII circle five: It is an as- sumption that well fits his character as an Epicurean. Inferno is a moving human drama, an unforgettable visionary journey through the infinite torment of Hell, up the arduous slopes of Purgatory, and on to the glorious realm of Paradise-the sphere of universal harmony and eternal salvation.

But Ciardi’s rhymed stanzas are looser, wordier, and less faithful to the original than Thornton’s blank verse. Many additional and incidental interpretations have been advanced for them, but the central interpretation must re- main as noted.

And do you see the broken surfaces of those water-holes on every hand, boiling as if in pain? Dante’s phrase may be simply transitional, but it certainly marks a change in the plan of the poem. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I believe that the process of rendering from lan- guage to language is better conceived as a “transposition” than as a “translation,” for “translation” implies a series of word-for-word equivalents that do not exist across language boundaries any more than piano sounds exist in the violin.


At a slow pace, on the other hand, the rear foot might be brought up only as far as the forward foot. In the Divine Comedy we must remember that Dante had for his subject the whole world, the entire universe, all of man’s history, his learning, his beliefs, plus his own particular messages. Looking for More Great Reads? The beard line 16 suggests that at least one of his three heads is human, and many illuminated manuscripts so represent him. Almost literally nothing was left to chance.

Canto IV circle one: I felt like orange flames and the stench of Sulphur were my companions as much as were Dante and Virgil.

Full text of “The inferno”

Pluto, King of the Underworld of ancient mythology, was sometimes called Dis. Infferno need no words of mine to grasp their plight. On the way back from a diplomatic mission to Venice he fell ill and died soon after his return.

But the face of her who reigns in Hell shall not be fifty times rekindled in its course 80 before you learn what griefs attend that art. There is evidence that Dante stopped writing for a longer or shorter period between the seventh and eighth Cantos.

Viardi like a miser β€” eager in acquisition 55 but desperate in self-reproach when Fortune’s wheel turns to the hour of his loss β€” all tears and attrition I wavered back; and still the beast pursued, forcing herself against me bit by bit till I slid back into ciari sunless wood.

Here, however, it would seem that the preparation for damnation predates Original Sin. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Its shoulders glowed already with the sweet rays of that planet whose virtue leads men straight on every road, and the shining strengthened me against the fright whose agony had wracked the lake of my heart 20 through all infsrno terrors of that piteous night.

And I say no more. The Comedy is a glorification of the ways of God, but it is also a sharp and great-minded protest at the ways in which men have thwarted the divine plan. He was the father of Guido Caval- canti, a poet and friend of Dante. Inferon damned must, in fact, deliberately harden their hearts to God in order to become damned.


Celestine’s great guilt is that his cowardice in selfish terror for his own welfare served as the door through which so much evil entered the Church. Then looking onward I made out a throng assembled on the beach of a wide river, whereupon I turned to him: The resulting effect to the ear, which must be the supreme judge in these matters, is a good likeness of the orig- inal.

The biers stood with their lids upraised, and from their pits an anguished moaning rose on the dead air from the desolation ciarrdi tormented spirits.

That great Soul stood alone: And now what ails you? He made earth’s splendors by a like decree and posted as their minister this high Dame, thaLady of Permutations.

He was a man of saintly life, but allowed himself to be convinced by a priest named Benedetto that his soul was in danger since no man could live in the world without being damned. Showing of 2, reviews. The central aim ciarvi his phi- losophy was to achieve happiness, which he defined as the absence of pain.

Salvation is only through Christ in Dante’s theology. But that majestic spirit at whose call I had first paused there, did not change expression, nor so much as turn his face to watch him fall. Minos became a mythological king of Crete, so famous for his wisdom and justice that after death his soul was infwrno judge of the dead. Clearly he was a Messenger from God’s Throne, and I turned to my Guide; but he made me a sign that I should keep my silence and bow down.

Dante’s savagery toward him was probably intended in part as an insult to the family. Canto V 37 And this, I learned, was the never-ending flight of those who sinned in the flesh, the carnal and lusty who betrayed reason to their ciarddi.

He doubtless received the icardi education of the day for his class, and perhaps more, for his bent must have been clearly intellectual and literary.