: Seize the Night: A Novel (Christopher Snow) (): Dean Koontz: Books. Seize the Night. Dean R. Koontz, Author Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc $ (p) ISBN Summary and reviews of Seize The Night by Dean Koontz, plus links to a book excerpt from Seize The Night and author biography of Dean Koontz.

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This novel is about a man named Christopher Snow who has XP. Chris is no different.

Of cour Ah, Snowman is back to save the day! I love the combination of horror, sci-fi, and humor in this story.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that as he was writing this, his interests or focus switched tracks four or five times. Cabaniss rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn’t feel like I was missing a back story, but I will read Fear Nothing since I now know it is a sequel.

So in this book children are going missing and Chris and his friends need to find them. I had a hard time getting into this one probably because I’ve been busy working on other things this past weekbut once I got about halfway through, the pace really picked up.

Bad writing and cliches aside, the complete series would be much more interesting than both others.

Seize the Night (novel) – Wikipedia

It wasn’t quite as good as its predecessor for me, but I did really enjoy it, and of course the writing is beautiful. A book which is really hard to put down once it has begun and doesn’t let up on intensity the entire pages. Anyone who enjoys a very thought provoking, truly odd story. Mar 07, Diane rated it liked it. The first pages or so were so full of monologue and rambling tangents that I had a hard time getting into the story, or even deciphering what the story was. He sends everyone else on to find the kids and Orson, and when they return with them in tow, Bobby dies.


This is when I quit and picked a better book to read from off my shelf.

Key to Midnight, The. Meaning throughout his entire life, he only goes out during the night hours and can know the night like someone who lives by day can never understand. Koontz went to great pains to convince the reader how rich Snows is, and his friends for that matter.

Here there be spoilers Oh man, where do I start with this book?

SEIZE THE NIGHT by Dean Koontz | Kirkus Reviews

Dean Koontz is a five star writter, no doubt about that when it comes to his stories they are usually top notch and Sieze the night is no exception. I love Dean Koontz’s writing. View ngiht 6 comments. So, by now, Bobby and Chris decide that play time is over and the big guns are needed.

Seize the Night

Chris and Bobby stumble into the Egg Room, which can go straight to hell, and realize that maybe the genetic experiments aren’t really so bad after all. And when the new plot kicks in, it doesn’t hold together. To keep those secrets, extremely violent and powerful forces are willing to conceal even the most heinous crimes. I got lost in the uninteresting meanderings of the author and his, all too rhe, descriptions.


He has a gift tge writing clever and witty dialogue. Seoze seemed to have fallen into the Stephen King “let’s describe every last detail down to the size of every blade of grass. When he sets out to find the missing five-year-old son of a former sweetheart, Christopher Snow believes that the lost children are still An excellent follow-up to Fear Nothing.

And like any good Koontz novel, there is excellent humor. The narration of the main character contained so many one-liners and jokey punctuations of his thoughts that it became annoying.

He admires her for her hard work and strife to make ends meet and support her son. Not as good as the first book in the trilogy hopefully Dean will finish this trilogy soon.

No matter what happens in the night, their job is to ensure that nothing disturbs the peace and quiet of Moonlight Bay The book is the second in a trilogy of books known as the Moonlight Bay Trilogyinvolving Christopher Snow, who suffers from the rare but real disease called XP xeroderma pigmentosum.

Jan 20, Stefanie rated it really liked it. Jun 30, Tara rated it really liked it Recommends it for: To ask other readers questions about Seize the Nightplease sign up.